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Posted by Ray Lambert on 24/12/2014

This page has been visited 1211 times with just 15 comments left, we would very much like to hear your opinions and comments on all things military, but please keep it positive and relevant.

Posted by Kevin Smith on 16/01/2014   Email

Looks really good. I think we could perhaps add somemore photo's of our AFD. Well done. Currently a branch member but a bit of my history if anybody know me out there. Done my full service from a boy Junior Leader and ended up as RSM of 77 Engr Regt. Also done postings at the Diving Establishment and Diving Wing Kiel. Good health to everyone. REgards

Posted by Bob Wood on 13/04/2013   Email

Well done a very impressive website,may you continue to prosper and grow. Gloucester and District.

Posted by ian warrender on 24/03/2013   Email

keep up the good work

Posted by charlie mcbain on 18/03/2013   Email

Well done all

Posted by Meurig Lewis on 11/03/2013

Well done you all UBIQUE !

Posted by Brian Simm on 11/03/2013

Well done the Lowestoft Branch

Posted by Ray Taylor on 11/03/2013

Testing UBIQUE !

Posted by Ian (Ginge) Sutcliffe on 11/03/2013   Email

Good work, all branches could make improvements by following your site. Do you have a John (RIP) Anderson on your books? I think we served together in Cyprus in the early 70's. REspect and best wishes to all your members.

Posted by Dave Gorrill on 11/03/2013   Email

Hi all, Dave Gorrill Manchester branch, 11/03/13.

Posted by Bob Blakey on 10/03/2013   Email


Posted by jools baker on 10/03/2013   Email

gREat site

Posted by carol on 10/03/2013

Hi,Good work keep it up.

Posted by Ted Crutchley on 10/03/2013